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Hands on CPR for the lay Responder

Recent TV adverts advocate Hands-only (aka Compression only CPR). Delegates have recently become confused, under the impression that protocols have changed.

For clarity, Hands-only CPR is advocated for the untrained responder only, any CPR being better than no CPR. It is worth noting that after 5 minutes of hands-only the clinical effeciveness of compressions falls off significantly. For those trained personel, the gold standard is where possible to carry EAV (mouth to mouth) thereby keeping oxygen levels as high as possible pending the arrival of Health Care Professionals. That said, there has always been the unwilling or unable clause, if you are unable or unwilling to carry out mouth-to-mouth then the lay responder may elect to perform hands-only CPR – Please call if you have any further questions arising as a result of this article (0800 043 3822)