Can I put plasters in my First Aid kit?


The issue of plasters is one that crops regularly during school visits but rarely when we visit industry. Our trainers do find that this tends to be a school based issue.

There are some idiosyncrasies surrounding plasters in First Aid Kits in that some people think that they should not be held in First Aid Kits. The underlying belief behind the absence of plasters is that a casualty or child might have or develop an allergy to it. This is entirely possible as we continue to develop allergies to many substances within society; however, be assured nobody has ever died as a result of an allergy to a plaster.

Furthermore, the HSE has never suggested that plasters should be removed from First Aid Kits and positively advocates their use in industries such as catering (non flesh coloured) and construction. As a short mental exercise, how often have you used anything other than a plaster from a First Aid Kit?

The answer therefore is YES, you may put plasters in your First Aid Kit…..


Your company or education authority has decided after an appropriate risk assessment that within their area of responsibility they will not have plasters within the First Aid Kits; this they are perfectly entitled to do so. Should you change workplace or profession however, do not assume this to be the law of the land, your new employer may have a different view on the subject.